3 Tips for making Skype Tutoring Fun

Making Skype Fun: 6 x 6 Grids

by Sara Quinn

Skype Tutoring does not have to be dry and boring.  There are many ways to adapt games for Skype so that you can have fun with your student while they get the essential practice they need. Here are some ways we do it at Green River using simple 6 x 6 grids that we have created for varying patterns and skills.


Roll two dice and read any word from the column with that number.  Cross out the word after you read it.  If there are no more words under that number, roll again.  The winner is the first to get four in a row in any direction.




  1. Mix it up by changing the number of words in a row the winner needs to get...3, 5, 6...

  1. Players roll twice for each turn; once to establish the column, then they roll again and count down that many from the top and read the word they land on.  If they land on a word that has already been read, they roll again to get a different word in that column.  If the column is full, they roll again to read from a different column.

  2. Players compete for the most points instead of trying to get bingo, scoring points for whatever number they roll and read.

  3. THIS ONE IS REALLY FUN: PIG.  Each player is trying to win by getting the most points.  When it’s your turn you can roll as many times as you want, getting points for each word you read….BUT if you roll a 1 all your points for that turn disappear and your turn is over.  You can stop at any point but it’s so tempting to just roll once more…



You can use the same 6 x 6 board to play a charades-style game.  We have a few different ways to play.

download (1).png

1.  Act it out

Each player will take a turn to be the actor where they try to get the other person to guess their words by acting them out without talking.  Both players should CIRCLE 5 WORDS.  Set a stopwatch for each turn and keep track of how long it takes each player to make the other person guess all their words.  Whomever makes the other person guess all 5 in a shorter time is the winner.  

2.  Pictionary

Play is the same as act it out but players draw clues on a whiteboard instead of acting.

download (2).png

3.  Password

Cut the squares out and place them facedown.  Each player will have one minute for their turn.  When it’s your turn, pull a card from the stack and place it on your forehead so that the other player can read it.  They have to try to get you to guess what’s on the card using any word EXCEPT the password that’s on your forehead!  If it is too difficult to guess, say "pass" and grab another word.  Whomever guessed more words in a minute is the winner.  

4.  Fishbowl

Fishbowl: The players will use the 5 cards they chose in 3 different rounds.  The first round is like password, where they use words to get the other person to guess their cards (in this case the player who draws the card tries to get the other person to guess instead of putting it on their forehead).  The second round, using the same cards, is charades where they act it out with no words.  In the third and final round, each player must choose only one word to say for each card to make the other person guess their card!

5.  Make a Play

Have each player create a story to act out that combines all of their words together.

Michael Junkins