On-Site Tutoring


The Orton-Gillingham approach focuses upon the learning needs of the individual student. Systematic, diagnostic, prescriptive, and evidence-based, this approach teaches the structure of language in an integrated lesson format. Remediation involves an initial Summary of Language Screening and monthly Progress Reports. 

Orton-Gillingham tutoring is available for students of any age or skill-level.

OG lessons address all of the essential aspects of literacy, with the goal of fostering a fluent, enthusiastic, and independent reader and writer. Skills that are integral to all OG lessons include:

• Decoding (reading)
• Encoding (spelling)
• Phonological awareness (awareness and manipulation of speech sounds) • Phonics
• Basic morphology (prefixes, base words, roots)
• Spelling rules
• Reading fluency
• Reading comprehension
• Written expression
• Penmanship
• Basic functional grammar

Older or more advanced students may also learn:

• Advanced morphology
• Advanced grammar
• How to plan various types of essays
• Outlining
• Revising
• Organizational and Executive Function Skills